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Want To Spend More Time Outdoors? Take Up These 3 Exciting Hobbies Now!

Like many adults, you might lament that kids nowadays love to watch TV and playing video games instead of running outside in the sunshine. After all, sticking to these habits can put them at risk for obesity and other lifestyle diseases and perhaps even stunt their emotional and intellectual growth.

But are you sure you're not making the same mistake? Take a close look at your schedule and ask: do you spend a lot of time outdoors? Or are you mostly indoors, watching your favourite TV programmes, working at your desk or browsing through your Facebook and Twitter feed?

If you say “Yes” to the latter question, it's time to reconstruct your schedule and ensure you'll spend more time in the open air. By doing this, you'll get to exercise more (sometimes even without knowing it!), which means you'll keep your body healthy and stay away from various illnesses. You'll also have better memory and concentration, minimise your risk of developing depression, sleep better at night, reduce your stress levels and enjoy many other benefits.

Don't know where to begin? You can start by taking up exciting hobbies that will encourage you to increase the time you spend outside the house. Some of these include:


Why it's a good choice: Playing basketball allows you to develop almost all of your muscle groups, improve your endurance and coordination and encourage your body to burn calories. It also lets you enjoy playing a team sport, which can boost your social skills and help you learn how to deal with different personality types. Basketball can be played indoors but, if you want to reap the benefits above while enjoying the sunshine and feeling the breeze flowing through your hair, then go out and find a nice outdoor court.

Make it more exciting by: Creating your own team. Gather a handful of your friends who love sports (and maybe even those who don't!) and play basketball during the weekends. You can even make your own basketball singlets by getting the help of a reputable printing company. This way, you'll look like a professional team, which can greatly boost your morale especially if you decide to join local tournaments and battle against other groups.


Why it's a good choice: Cycling is one of the best outdoor hobbies you can take up. By taking part in this activity, you'll have the chance to explore the nooks and crannies of your neighbourhood and discover interesting places (such as a quaint museum or a new café) you otherwise would have missed. You'll also get plenty of exercise, develop your respiratory and cardiovascular function, strengthen your immune system and improve your overall health.

Make it more exciting by: Investing in a new bike. There's nothing wrong with using an old bicycle you have lying around in the garage, but you have to admit that having a new unit can make cycling a lot more exciting. Don't worry since you can easily find modern and stylish makes and models when you contact us here at Dave Rayner Cycle Sport. We offer a wide range of BMXs, road bikes, mountain bikes and hybrids, so the only thing you should do is to pick one that perfectly fits your needs.


Why it's a good choice: Want to give your body a fantastic workout while improving your self-esteem? If your answer is “Yes”, then surfing is the right option for you. By taking up this water sport, you'll tone your arm, leg and core muscles while developing your overall strength, flexibility and coordination. You'll also boost your self-confidence as you learn how to stand up on your surfboard and eventually ride the waves.

Make it more exciting by: Taking advanced classes and learning how to perform exciting and breathtaking surf tricks. This way, you'll avoid getting bored with basic stances, and you'll get lots of exercise while enjoying the time you spend on the water.

Spending more time outdoors can be difficult, especially if watching TV and playing video games have become a habit for you. Fortunately, by printing your own basketball singlets, buying a new bicycle and taking other exciting steps, you'll find it easier to change your lifestyle and increase the time you spend out in the sun.


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