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Buying A Bicycle? Keep These 3 Important Things In Mind

Perhaps you've made up your mind to become fitter and healthier and decided that cycling every day is the best way to achieve your goals. Or maybe you're fed up with the rising fuel prices and want to ride a bike to work to save more money. Either way, you'll definitely need to buy a bicycle if you don't yet have one sitting in your garage.

But take note that shopping for a bike is easier said than done. With the hundreds of makes and models available in the market, it's not hard to feel dazed, confused and overwhelmed by the sheer number of choices. Fortunately, there are ways to overcome this challenge and successfully purchase the right bicycle. Some of the steps you can take include:

Deciding what type of bike you want

Before heading off to the nearest bike shop, sit down and determine what vehicle you'll buy. This way, you won't aimlessly wander through the aisles with a lost look on your face, and you can purchase something that perfectly fits your needs and will give you great value for money.

Not sure where to begin? Start by asking yourself these questions:

  • What are you going to do with your vehicle? If you're planning to become a triathlete and join lots of competitions, for instance, it's better to invest in triathlon bikes from Sydney. If you'll use your bicycle to replace your car and ride it to and from work, you won't go wrong with a commuter bike.
  • What material should your vehicle be made of? Many modern bikes are made of carbon fibre, which is highly flexible and is used to make many interesting tube shapes. It's also lightweight and promotes excellent aerodynamics, making it a great choice if you're thinking of racing with your bike. However, all of these perks come at a price, so be ready to fork out a large amount of money for a carbon fibre model. Don't have a huge budget? You can opt for bicycles made of aluminium, steel or titanium, which have great performance but are not as expensive as their carbon cousins.
  • What size do you need? A high price tag doesn't automatically guarantee a good fit, so work with a friendly and knowledgeable salesperson who'll help you find a right-sized bike that has the perfect seat height, saddle position and handlebar height for you.

Thinking about the accessories you need

Your shopping adventure doesn't stop at buying MTBs, hybrid bikes or triathlon bikes in Sydney. To ensure you'll have a safe and enjoyable cycling experience, you must also invest in several essential accessories. One thing you should have is a sturdy and durable helmet, which lets you comply with government rules and regulations and helps you stay safe while you're on the road. Look for a helmet with a bright colour (so you can be easily seen by other motorists) and has thick comfortable straps. Of course, find one that fits your head snugly and won't slip no matter how much you move.

Don't forget to buy cycle lights, which are legally required if you're riding your bike at night. You can choose from LEDs (which use less energy and can last for a long time) as well as halogen and krypton lights (which produce more light than traditional bulbs). No matter what you pick, though, make sure to buy red lights for your bike's rear and white lights for the front so you won't get flagged down by a traffic officer.

Not focusing too much on the brand

Do you have a specific brand in mind? If you don't, it's all right; in fact, experts recommend that you avoid paying too much attention on the brand (unless you're buying a bike purely because of its style and appearance). Instead, identify your price range, know what type and features you want and explore different models from various companies to find one that fits your requirements and budget. This way, you'll end up with a bicycle that doesn't only look good but also lets you perform well on the road and enjoy your cycling experience.

Take note of these tips to buy the right bike and get your money's worth!


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