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The Basics On Cycling Wear And Accessories

When playing sports, wearing the right apparel matters. If you're a professional cyclist, you need speed and power. To achieve that, you need to have the right bike. It would be difficult to achieve both if you had bulky clothing on.

Some people pedal for the gold. Others do it to lose weight. Whatever your motivation is, proper garb is a must.

Browsing through the sportswear racks can be overwhelming. Allow us to help you out! Below we've enumerated the kinds of clothes and accessories you'll need to be a certified cyclist.

Cycling Jersey

A cycling jersey is a specially designed shirt. It 's manufactured in a number of styles. The short sleeve type is used for pedalling in warm weather. Long sleeve ones provide enough coverage for cyclists in cold temperatures. When shopping for one, opt for the kind that's brightly coloured.


To keep their movements streamlined, cyclists will often opt for minimum attire. However, rainy conditions can prompt them to use a cycling jacket. This type of garment is typically windproof. Utility features include a hood, zippered vents and utility sleeves.

A buyer should look for a jacket that can match their body shape as well as existing weather in the area they live in. This ensures that optimal body temperature is maintained throughout the course of the ride.


This accessory provides a dual purpose. First, it protects the hands from the elements. Second, it decreases the friction created between the palm and the bike's handlebars. Half finger gloves are used for riding in warm weather, whilst the full finger ones are for pedalling on cold days.

Do you plan to purchase a pair? Look for one that has a snug fit but flexible enough to allow the hands to clench quickly when needed.

Cycling Shorts

Cycling shorts come in a variety of styles. But all of them have padding. A padded chamois liner provides protection for long rides. It also adds comfort when perched on the bicycle seat.

The time of cycling you do dictates the style of shorts you buy. If you do road racing, bib shorts are more suitable since they don't cut through the midsection.

When you're not busy training for that upcoming triathlon, have some chill time. Giving your body periodic breaks from all that rigorous exercise ensures that you stay on top of your game for a long time. So go ahead and hang out with friends or that significant other. Exude a casual yet sporty vibe with clothes from Animal.

Whether you're going on a coffee run or a downtown stroll, clothing from this brand will keep you in style. Make a statement today with Animal clothes.


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