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Road Trips With Bicycles In Tow

If you are planning a holiday that is going to involve a lot of time spent outdoors, it is worth looking into the possibility of taking a bicycle with you. This is an especially good idea if you are interested in campervan hire. That way, when you actually park your vehicle and are ready to do some exploring in the local area, you will have your own two-wheeled transportation ready to go with you.

If you are travelling in the land of the Kiwis, this is going to be a particularly good way to get around. Camper van hire in New Zealand is incredibly popular, and you will find that many of the campsites that have hook-ups for your vehicle are also going to be equipped the paved cycling trails and possibly a few off-road tracks as well. In the latter case, nothing is quite as satisfying as having a mountain bike at your disposal.

Indeed, the motor home will take you into the general proximity of the outdoor you would like to explore. From here, it will serve as your base of operations and shelter. After a long hike or a cycling excursion, you will have your own private sanctuary to which you can return to eat, relax with your fellow travellers and get some much needed rest.

Of course, if you are taking advantage of campervan hire in New Zealand and would also like to do some cycling, then you will need a few additional accessoriesin addition to the actual bike. Make sure that you have each of the following at your disposal:

  • High quality bike rack (so your extra mode of transport can be stored outside of the vehicle, freeing up valuable floor space inside)
  • Bike lock (so that no unscrupulous persons make off with your rented bike, leaving you with the bill)
  • Extra storage, such as a seat bag (so you can go on longer rides and carry much needed equipment with you.
  • Spare intertubes
  • Bicycle multi tool
  • Tyre levers
  • Water bottle and bottle cage

The great news is that many of the companies that provide campervan hire can also fit you out with rental bicycle that includes all of the above. Rather than having to shop around to make all of your own arrangements, you can rely on the rental agency to take care of all of these considerations for you in one fell swoop.

In general, many people who are interested in hiring a motor home also express interest in taking a bicycle with them. That’s why so many companies that offer campervan hire in NZ are happy to include this as an add-on to enhance your travel package.

However, it is worth noting that not all of these agencies offer equally enticing arrangements. When you are in the early stages of planning your holiday, there is a lot to be said for shopping around for the best services. Specifically, look for an agency that provides a phone help line as well.


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