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Relevant Insurances For Your Biking Holiday

There’s a fairly high chance that whenever you head out on one of your cycling holidays, you do so in a campervan, as these vans allow you to transport all of your bikes (whether on the roof, or inside the back of the van themselves if they’ll fit) while at the same time giving you somewhere to sleep during the evenings.

Depending on how often you head out on these cycling holidays, and indeed on where you go (driving further away, or to more treacherous locations, for example), you’re going to have to make sure you have the very best insurance coverage for your bikes and your van, as both will have to be entirely covered should you wish to receive any bike or campervan insurance for a claim. This is especially important if you’ll be using your campervan’s roof rack to store your bicycles because:

  • Your roof could sustain damage: Although this shouldn’t happen, depending on the materials used on your van’s roof, and indeed the weight and strength of the bikes themselves, you may want to ask for a campervan insurance quote with regard to paying for damage sustained to your roof later on. It’s better to know this potential cost ahead of time, rather than being surprised by it should it come up.
  • The bikes could potentially come loose: This is unlikely to happen if you tighten everything correctly, but it’s still worth considering when looking through your insurance options (both for your campervan and your bicycles themselves) as you’ll want to make sure any damaged sustained to your bike, a vehicle behind your, or indeed anything else will be taken care of.

Getting Covered

When riding your bikes when you’re out on your holidays (and indeed at other times), you receive a great deal of peace of mind when you know you have insurance in place to pay for anything should you crash, fall off your bike, or even have your bike stolen after you’ve correctly (and securely) stored it away.

Keep in mind that, as with your bicycle insurance, in order to be able to make claims on your van's insurance you’re going to have to take the necessary safety precautions they lay out ahead of time (much will be common sense). Claiming on your campervan insurance requires you to have taken such safety measures as locking your van when you leave it parked, ensuring your bikes are correctly positioned on your roof rack before driving, and driving it in a careful, road-safe manner (very similar to the common sense rules you have to work alongside for your bike).

In conclusion, when you take your bikes out on a biking holiday, regardless of whether you transport them atop your car or inside your campervan you’re advised to take out insurances for both, if you haven’t already, as these insurances will save you a great deal of money in the long run should you need to make a claim.


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