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Ideal Places For Cycling In Leeds

Seeing breathtaking landscapes and mountain views is an ideal way to relax and release your stress. Exploring these stunning sights, however, will surely be more exciting when riding on your favourite bicycle. Doing so will not only give you the opportunity to travel around and discover new and interesting places, but will also allow your body to have a rigid exercise. Some people, however, view this type of recreation as a bit risky especially when taking a distant ride in unfamiliar locations. But you can stay out of harm's way by taking the necessary precautions and safety measures.

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Now, if you are planning to go to a spectacular site that has stunning sceneries of the countryside, then you should consider going to Leeds. So, let’s get to know the different routes you can take in this beautiful city in West Yorkshire, England.

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Eldonian Village to Stanley Road

Reaching the end would require you to cycle for approximately four metres. When arriving at your destination, you should stop and dismount since the towpath crosses over a canal.

Maghull Hall Land to Methodist Swing

Using your bicycle would take you more than one kilometre to reach this residential area. Since it is quite populated, you should not drive on full speed. Also, it is vital that you get off from your ride when crossing the bridge to keep yourself safe from peril.

Greenberfield Changeline to Office Lock

When cycling on this trail, make sure that you are extra careful since the towpath in the rural locations are grassy and are usually muddy especially during winter.

Stanley to Litherland Road

Taking this path requires you to take more than two kilometres ride. Similar to other trails, you should dismount when you reach the bridge that leads to Liverpool.

Swinden Changeline to Blakey

When taking this course, you should be aware that there are definitely a lot of vehicles passing by. This path usually starts and ends in the Barrowford locks, which is a famous stretch of canal.

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These are some of the most popular routes in Leeds that will surely help you “improve your cycling skills and learn how to handle busy roads”. – Direct Gov. By travelling around these areas, not only will you have the chance to see the beautiful attractions, but you can also keep your body fit and healthier. Now, to ensure that your bicycle is in perfect condition, you should have it checked or serviced by Dave Rayner Cycle Sport, a family owned business that is known for providing high-quality repairs, custom wheel building and truing, and more. 


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