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The Many Similarities Between Bicycles And Cars

When looking at a bicycle and a car from a physical perspective, it may seem difficult to find similarities. You use both for travelling, there's that particular aspect, except that a vehicle needs fuel while a bike needs leg power. Surprisingly, there are plenty of similarities between the two, physical and otherwise.

They both have wheels, axles, metal gears, etc.

The sizes may differ, but the functions are practically the same. For example, a vehicle would need alloy wheels from Manukau Auto & Tyre in Auckland, while a bike would need lightweight and tubeless wheels. Without these parts, none of the vehicles would run. But because cars are a more complicated machine, there are more automotive parts needed than those for bicycles. So, aside from a supplier of wheels, providers of hot rod parts and accessories, such as Armadale Auto Parts are essential.

They come in different make and models

Cars come in different varieties, from two seater sports cars to vans suitable for Apollo Motorhomes in the USA. They also come from different manufacturers, with each having their own signature style or make to make them unique from others. For instance, Range Rover is known for its high end terrain vehicle while Ferrari for its chic sports car, the latest being the F60 America, which pays homage to the company's years selling their cars in the US.

Bikes, just like cars, also come in a variety of make and models, depending on how they'll be used. Mountain bikes, for instance, are built for rough terrains and unpaved roads. This is also the same case with motorcycles, where touring motorcycles are used for long distance drives while sport varieties like the Suzuki bikes in the UK – from Wheels - a trusted dealer, are the best for races.

There are highway codes for both vehicles

The connection between a bicycle and a car has never been clearer than with the road rules. As it happens, both drivers need to be on the lookout for one another. Part of a cyclist safety, for example, is to “ride a door's width from parked cars” or risk getting hit when a car driver opens the door. When it comes to safety gear, however, a cyclist needs more than just a seat belt, especially if you are on fun cycling tours with The Chain Gang.

They both need maintenance and servicing

Safe and smooth driving is guaranteed with regular maintenance, regardless if you drive a bike or a car. So don't even think that you can just use your bike without giving it a good inspection before you head out. If you don't have an idea that the brake is faulty, you can get into serious trouble on the road. Cars, on the other hand, would need more servicing that includes body works from the following providers:

If repairs won’t work anymore and you need to replace your set of wheels, these are the people to contact:

For other useful vehicle related resources, check out the following:

And the most obvious similarity? Both the bicycle and car need a human to operate. Sure, there are now driverless vehicles, but until they become widely used and fail-proof, a human behind the wheel is still essential.

This only shows that both vehicles aren't so different, after all.


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