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Planning A Sports Day For Your Business? Remember These 4 Things

Many companies nowadays host sports days for a variety of reasons. Some do this to raise funds for charity and fulfil a part of their social responsibility. Others, meanwhile, organise these events to grab the attention of their target audience or (if they already have an established client base) promote customer loyalty. Still others hold these gatherings to help their staff develop better teamwork and cooperation and let them have fun.

However, if you want to host a sports day for your company, take note that planning these events isn't a walk in the park. Before you can have an exciting and memorable tournament, you first have to iron out the details and ensure everything will be smooth and successful. Some of the steps you should take include:

Deciding on the activities

Months before your event, ask your employees or clients about the games they like to play. This way, you'll know which sports will be supported by your staff and/or customers and will attract lots of participants.

When choosing your athletic activities, don't forget to take the weather and season into account. Of course, remember that serious competitive sports like running, track and field and football aren't your only options; after all, you can also mix them up with hula-hoop tournament, limbo dancing competition and other challenges that are just plain fun.

Choosing a venue

The success of your event greatly depends on its venue so, weeks or months before your sports day, start browsing through your options. You can choose the perfect location by asking these questions:

  • Is the place appropriate for the athletic activities you want to do? Does it have all the facilities and/or equipment you need?
  • Is it safe for the participants?
  • Is it accessible to your employees / customers / other guests?
  • How much is the rental price for the venue? Can it comfortably fit into your budget?

Informing everyone about the event

Organising a fun and exciting sports day is useless if no one would attend. So, as soon as possible, let your target audience know about it and invite them to come. You can distribute fliers and brochures, for example, and hang up posters in public places (with permission from your local authorities). Post the details on your company website and mention it frequently in your Twitter and Facebook posts. You can even order attractive cheap promotional products (such as caps, fans and sweatbands), have them printed with the event's date, time and venue, and distribute them to your customers. This way, they'll know when and where the gathering will take place and be encouraged to participate.

Buying attractive awards and prizes

Doing this is important since it helps you express your gratitude and thank everyone who joined your gathering. It also lets you acknowledge the athletes' hard work and reward their accomplishments.

There's no need to fret since finding the right options isn't difficult. If you're hosting a cycling race, for example, just browse through our online shop and purchase stylish panniers, high-performance headlights, sturdy bike racks and carriers, avant-garde turbo trainer packs and other accessories that dedicated cyclists would surely love. By giving our products as prizes, you'll show your athletes that their efforts are appreciated and give them a reward they'll always remember.

Not sure what to buy? Don't worry since you can purchase gift certificates from us and give them to your winners. By taking this step, you'll give them the freedom to choose which cycling clothing, accessories or components they want to buy while still acknowledging their hard work.

Finding the right venue, purchasing attractive prizes, marketing your event through cheap promotional products — these are just some of the things you must do when planning your sports day. Keep these tips in mind to organise a fun, exciting and successful gathering.


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