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Navigating Your Way On A Long Trail

Once you've spent a little time on the back of your good quality bike, you'll no doubt be looking for more challenges, and there are many longer distance rides available for those who want to get off the roads and into the fresh country air. For a first timer, it can be a little daunting to go off road, and many people use lanyards to hold information, for example the relevant parts of the map or emergency points. One of the first things you should do is get your kit together, and this can include:

  • Tyres designed for off-road
  • A suitable helmet
  • A water carrier
  • Energy boosting snacks
  • A first aid kit

If you're going on an organised trip or to a well-known trail then they will often be able to tell you the specific things to pack in advance, and you can then look for specialist equipment to suit your trip. Organised rides are good for beginners, as they'll often give out conference lanyards with the details of the route and other useful information that can then be taken into account, meaning your bike ride doesn't have any unpleasant surprises.

Map reading

Those going on longer trails will sometimes find map reading difficult at first, and if you're not good with directions then you'll need to plan. You could look for custom lanyard printing and have the relevant information easily to hand, and this can help in many different situations when you're unsure. Other information you could look for in advance includes:

  • Whether there's GPS or mobile signal
  • Where the nearest first aid stops are
  • The areas you might find difficult

This means you can get mentally prepared for the course and any challenges that might come up, as well as being able to plan your route accordingly.

Keeping motivated

If you're finding a ride difficult then it can be hard to stay motivated, and that's why going to an organised event is a good idea for beginners. It means that you'll get promotional lanyards on arrival at the event and can figure out where you might be flagging, and by having this information close at hand it's so much easier to get yourself through tough times on any course.

Different maps

There are often many different maps available of one area, and it can help to have a basic and a more detailed one at hand in case you get lost. It can help to use lanyards to hold important information, as these are always close at hand and you don't have to dig things out your bag. This means you can easily navigate on the go and enjoy the trail rather than standing around unfolding maps.

There's nothing quite like getting off-road and enjoying the cycle trails, and by getting organised and sorting out your route you can enjoy a stress free journey where you can explore and enjoy cycling without the traffic, and in the kind of places that you've never been before.


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