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Getting Ready For A Cycling Trip Locally Or Overseas

For convenience, many tourists take the train or ride the coach to get around their chosen holiday destination. However, what many of these folks don't know is that exploring the place on foot or on a bicycle is a more immersive experience. This is probably why bike tours around Melbourne are becoming more and more popular to casual and seasoned travellers alike.

Now, if you're planning to be part of such a travel arrangement when you pay the Australian city a visit, there are certain things that you have to keep in mind so the entire trip won't be fraught with frustrations and unpleasant surprises. Aside from investing in any of the quality bicycles from us here at Dave Rayner Cycle Sport, here are other suggestions so your upcoming journey would be as satisfying as you'd hope it to be:

Pack light. Going on bike rides around Melbourne might not be the best time to indulge in your habit of getting slapped with hefty excess baggage fees. As much as you'd want to bring every bit of comfortable clothing you have with you during your cycling tour, every unnecessary weight you carry will only translate into a slower, more exhausting ride for you. To help you master the art of packing light, this insightful infographic might help.

Stay in hotels. Bringing with you camping gear can seriously weigh you down so this shouldn't be an option for you as you go on Melbourne bike rides. With that said, research about the hotels and B&Bs you'll likely pass by on your cycling tour and choose which ones you'll spend the night in. An added bonus to choosing these forms of accommodation is that you won't have to worry about carrying your own toiletries, including towels, blankets, and other bulky fabrics you normally bring when you go camping.

Have your bicycle serviced. Your trusty two-wheeler will be your bestfriend in every bike tours in Melbourne that you participate so make sure that it's in tiptop shape. Prior to boarding your flight to the Land Down Under, make sure that it has been serviced or repaired here at Dave Rayner Cycle Sport.

Go offline. As much as you'd want to bring along your DSLR camera to take snapshots of every picturesque locations you visit on your bicycle, this will only give you neck pains (literally) so you might have to favour a compact point-and-shoot over it. An added benefit to this decision is that you won't look like a tourist, which means that you can ward off felons with malicious intent as you go biking around Melbourne.

Take these suggestions to heart and you'll surely have a cycling adventure that you'll enjoy reminiscing for a lifetime.


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